Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to Random Thoughts From A Mom Of A Special Needs Child. This blog is going to be a really random blog.  First off lets get to know each other.

My name is Christy and I'm a stay at home mom while my husband drives a semi over the road. We have 2 children....David(7years old) and June(6 years old). Both of our children are special to us but David is our special needs child. He has ADD, ADHD, ODD, has a weak muscle behind his eyes and has seizures that he has had 2 major brain surgeries for.
My family and friends tell me that its not good to keep everything bottled up inside me and they are right...so that is how this blog got started. Its just a place for me to be able to "let it all out". Sometimes it will be good and some times....well it won't be so good. So you are probably sitting there saying/thinking something like " If it is so hard for her then why isn't her husband there every day and night to help her?", that is because we have our good days and we have our bad days. Not every day is good or bad. Lately we are having more good days then bad days but that is never a promise that tomorrow will be a good day. So how do I handle the bad days when my husband isn't here? Well we just take it one second at the time. I know that sound unrealistic but thats really what we have found that works. We don't really plan on doing something cause we never know if something, like David having a seizure, will happen and land us at the house for a day or two or even in the hospital.
I have even had some people ask me "What do you do to stay calm and have "me"time?" and the answer to that is random things such as, right now the kids is in their bedroom playing and watching t.v. since we had an early dinner. During the day, when I'm not cleaning or doing mommy/wife duties, I either crochet, or knit using my loom set ( never with the 2 needles. I can't figure it out), or bake, or tinker around on the computer. See there is different things that I do to help me relax and "stay together".

I think it would be fun for ya'll to ask me questions, being nice, and me to answer them in a blog lets say on Fridays. So Friday will be set aside for "How do you do it? What is it like? Question day. " so if you have any questions you can post them in the comments here or email me at christywiggins1986@gmail.com and on Friday I will answer them.

I just wanted to say Thank You to Crissy Weldon for blogging and inspiring me to blog to help me "get it out". She has a great blog here. She is awesome and her blogs always makes me smile.

On that note I think that I have done enough random posting. I know this blog may not make since but I told you it was going to be random thoughts.