Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Move

When I was growing up I always said that I would never move away. When I had both of my children I was still saying I would never move away. Well something changed and on March 3, 2012 we moved 6 hours away from home. Why you ask? To be close to some good doctors and David's neurologist.
My husband and I talked about it since 2007 when David had to have his first brain surgery to help with his seizures but to be honest we wasn't ready...mentally and financially we wasn't ready. We went threw a lot as a family since then. My husband was able to find a job and we got where we was financially ready to move. But that isn't what really got us ready to move. All of David's doctors is great but when it came to him getting sick or having a seizure all the local doctors, even the ER doctors, acted like they were scared to touch him. David's pediatric would get David over his sickness before he got to the point where he would start having seizures. But when it came to David having seizures we had no local neurologist and the local hospital wasn't set up to deal with pediatric seizures, I actually had a doctor to tell me that one day.
 A couple of years ago I had to call an ambulance to come get David because he was having seizures back to back and I didn't fill comfortable driving him to the hospital with his seizure activity like it was. That day was the day I was told that the local ER wasn't set up for pediatric seizures. I thought that the ER and ER doctors was taught to handle it all but apparently not this hospital and doctor ( either that or it scared him). That day I also had to tell them what the needed to do to get David out of his seizures and I actually had to allow them to use our personal medications because the doctor told me it would be up to 30 minutes to get an EMERGENCY medication to pull him out of the seizures. That did not go over good with me at all. Yes I could have done everything at the house but I already gave him a pill that would normally pull him right out of his seizures and relax him to where he wouldn't have seizures AND I gave him a round of an emergency  velum that would, any other time, so I felt safer taking him to the hospital so a doctor could give him more medication or do what ever they may need to do. That day he was almost transports to MCG in Augusta that was 6 hours away.
Back to the my husband's job improved to the point to where we could move to Augusta to be closer to his neurologist. We went up to Augusta a few times and looked for somewhere to moved and finally put in an application at an apartment complex and then we had to head home. When we got a couple hours away from our house the people from the apartment complex called and said that our application was approved and we can sign the papers and move in..ummm no we can't we are about 4 hours from Augusta at this time so we had to wait a couple of weeks so we could have the gas money and my husband can have time off. On March 3, 2012 we moved. It was a long process of me packing because we was going from a 3 bed room trailers that had an office room, I was using for my crafts, to a 2 bedroom apartment 2 bath apartment with no extra room so I had to go threw stuff and decide what I really needed to take. We was up until 1 AM packing and loading the moving truck and my truck with everything, 6 am the next morning we left out and took a very long 6 hour stormy ride that day. That is also the day that there was tornadoes and funnel clouds spotted in south Georgia.
We finally made it to Augusta and signed the papers for the apartment around 3pm. and got over to our new home and my husband and brother in law unloaded the trucks and set everything up. The only thing we forgot was the power cord to the tv...yea my husband and brother in law went out and found one the next morning. So everything was inside and we went shopping the next day ( March 4th) for stuff that we, new dishes, and anything else we needed. Lunch time my husband, brother in law and sister in law had to head out to get back to south Georgia at a reasonable hour. My husband had to go back to work the next day. So that left me unpacking and putting everything up while he was working for the following week which is what I wanted cause I already knew where I wanted stuff at. Sure it was a major downsize for our living arrangements but we are closer to our son's neurologist and a new pediatric for him and a great dentist which we have seen all of them now.
Sure I still have stuff to unpack and organize but it will all happen with in the right time.

Tomorrow I will have a guest post on here about Autism so please come back and check that out and ask any questions your wondering mind might have. Friday is Q&A day so get those questions to us and get educated about childhood illnesses.     

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